Hey Marvel, #SaveAgentCarter


It’s kind of appropriate that my first post for my new site (yay, Dad Encyclopedia!) is about the SSR’s top spy, Agent Peggy Carter. Because as the dad to a pair of precocious young girls, Ages 5 & 2, I have discovered what many women and young girls have known for years.

The pool of admirable female heroines on TV is embarrassingly shallow.

So the news that “Agent Carter” is facing cancellation at ABC because of dismal ratings — despite a FANTASTIC second season — is disheartening. What is wrong with you people, who are not watching this gem of a series?

From its gorgeous post-WWII setting to the nimble pace and whimsical tone, “Agent Carter” deserves a much bigger audience. It’s also family-friendly television that has its roots embedded in the Marvel Cinematic & Television Universe.

And it has Hayley Atwell, who is just the greatest.

I mean, I like the Black Widow just fine, but Peggy Carter is the BEST female character in Marvel’s MCU, and it’s really not even close. You know how everyone is crying out for good, well-rounded female characters that can inspire people?  To be the hero, not the distressed damsel? That’s Peggy.

Mo Ryan over at Variety spells out a compelling case for why ABC and Marvel should commit to another season of “Agent Carter.” I highly recommend giving it a read if you’re a fan of the show.

But here’s one more reason to keep it on the air: “Agent Carter” is the most unique property Marvel Studios has right now on TV or in the movies. It’s a standalone show that doesn’t demand a commitment to watching every film in the MCU canon or knowing every obscure B-level villain introduced in the comics back in the 1990s.

As we continue seeing every genre-related media property move toward a ‘shared universe’ model, it’s OK to give people a chance to watch a show that stands on its own merits.


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