The Things Kids Watch These Days

Being a proud couch potato who worshipped at the altar of television when I was a wee lad, I expected both my daughters to really enjoy TV. And my oldest, Alexia, absolutely digs the tube. She can watch cartoons like “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” for hours on end. But aside from a few binges on “Dora The Explorer” and a brief fling with “Paw Patrol,” my little one Talia isn’t much for TV.

She would much rather lose herself in the iPad or iPhone and watch the same YouTube videos over and over. Somehow she’s gone down the rabbit hole of live-action mashups featuring Elsa, Anna and any other pop culture characters people can Cosplay. Here’s one such video, which revolves around Elsa, Spidey, a rather stalky Maleficent and … Venom, of all people.

Do your kids watch these types of videos? What do you think?

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