Hi-Def Rollout! Transformers – The Movie To Make Blu-ray Debut

TFMovie key art

Big news on the 80’s nostalgia front. Transformers – The Movie, the 1986 animated feature that took the Transformers franchise up a few notches thanks to amped-up animation and an INSANE voice cast, is finally getting a Blu-ray release  (check out the key art for the release above).

The Dad Encyclopedia is quite jazzed by this announcement, even though the movie, infamous even despised by some Transformers diehards because it had the audacity to kill off Optimus Prime midway through the film, has been out of print on the home entertainment market for some time. Try to find a sealed copy of one of the many DVD releases on eBay or Amazon, and you’ll find it sells for a premium.

But to mark the film’s 30th anniversary, Shout! Factory is putting out a new edition on hi-def and dinosaur format DVD with all the bells & whistles the company is known for. Shout! says this new edition will be remastered into high-definition from the original 35MM film, and they will add all sorts of special features created just for this release.

This movie holds all kinds of special currency for nerds who grew up watching the original Transformers ‘toon. But the film isn’t the most kid-friendly Transformers — far from it. In fact, it’s intensely violent, so I won’t be watching this with my girls anytime soon, because they’re too young.


I’d say kids 8-10 years old is about the lowest age I would say the film is appropriate for. If you do sit down to watch it with them, make sure to hit ’em with the history of the voices behind the robots.

I wasn’t kidding about the voice cast. Leonard Nimoy, Orson Welles, Robert Stack … hell even Judd Nelson, who was kind of a big deal in 1986, is here. That’s some crazy and random talent.

Transformers – The Movie: 30th Anniversary Edition, debuts on Blu-ray and DVD September 13th from Shout! Factory.





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