DC Super Hero Girls: An Absurdly Great — And Long Overdue — Idea


DC’s Super Hero Girls is one of the best ideas from any comic book company in years.

Look, I have no idea if the line’s merchandise is selling well or what the viewing #s are for the digital shorts that debut online. But judging from the excitement from my own personal focus group – Alexia & Talia – every time they see the clothing or action figures at Target, or by the number of times Baby T asks me to read her the FCBD Superhero Girls issue, then this new universe is succeeding in one key aspect.

It’s bringing new fans into the fold.

 The upcoming original animated film, “ DC Super Hero Girls: Hero of the Year” debuts August 9. Together with the original GN “Finals Crisis” — due out in July — the universe aimed at 6-12 year old girls is in full swing.

I know the primary goal, aside from making money, was to be more inclusive to young girls who maybe love comics and superheroes but wish they had stories geared to their sensibilities and not just tales tailored for boys. But DC Super Hero Girls may be the magic bullet the comics business has been in search of. My daughters already love Wonder Woman and Supergirl, but now they’re in love with Harley Quinn thanks to the DCSHG web shorts (Dear Gods, how will I explain to them Harley in the mainstream DCU??)

Finding new, younger readers has been the quest of comics publishers for decades. In a strange ironic twist, the Marvel revolution of the 1960s that revitalized the industry and declared that ‘comics aren’t just for kids!’, also unintentionally proved to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. As comics got more and more mature, not to mention more expensive, the kids went away. Now, comic books mainly survive off older fans who have been faithful readers since….they were kids.


But an idea like Super Hero Girls is a great gateway drug to expose young kids to the imaginative wonders you can find in these four-color beauties. Notice I didn’t say ‘girls.’ Reason is, there is no reason for young boys to not enjoy the comics, toys and animated series from the DCSHG line.

Because good stories with interesting characters cross all gender lines.

Any dad out there trying to raise daughters to have a healthy love and respect for The Beautiful Geek Life should give it a shot.

If you and your kids have sampled the DCSHG toys or webisodes, drop a comment below and let me know what you think of it.

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